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Jersey cows drinking water Holstein heifers in a relaxed mood Broccoli – the health food

Van Greunen Boerdery, a farming enterprise, was founded in 1988.  The family started farming in the area in 1947 on 22ha of farmland.  Today, Van Greunen Boerdery comprises of 1788ha of farmland, of which 1311ha is under irrigation, run by 4 brothers.

We have 3 dairy farms and 1 vegetable farm.  Vegetables include broccoli and potatoes.  Broccoli are delivered to McCains frozen foods in George, where it is processed and frozen.  Potatoes are mainly planted for seed production.  A small amount of potatoes are produced for human consumption in the South Cape (SA).

On 2 of the dairy farms we farm with Holsteins and the other farm is Jerseys.  On the Jersey farm we have 700 cows in milk and on the 2 Holstein farms we have 900 and 800 cows respectively.

Over the years we received various study groups and overseas visitors on the farm.  In November 2004 we officially opened the gates to one Holstein farm for visitors.  Here we take groups, as well as individuals on a tour of the farm.

Pivot irrigation on newly-planted broccoli Potato field in early bloom Soil preparation for vegetable production

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All Photographs taken on Van Greunen Boerdery’s Farms — Photographer: Hannes Steenkamp